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Neem Cake

Neem cake is a potential source of organic manure. Neem has demonstrated considerable potential as a fertilizer. Our Neem cake also reduces alkalinity in soil, as it produces organic acids on decomposition. Being totally natural, the Neem Cake we offer hence ensures fertility of the soil. It also improves the organic matter content of the soil, helping improvement in soil texture, water holding capacity, soil aeration for better root development.

Advantages of Neem Cake
  • Acts as an Organic Manure and a pest repellent on all types of crops and soils
  • Acts as a natural fertilizer with pesticide properties
  • Protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs and white ants
  • Increases dry matter in Tectona grandis (Teak), Acacia nilotica (gum Arabic tree) and other forest trees
  • Acts as a nitrification inhibitor and prolongs the availability of nitrogen to short duration and long duration crops
  • Increases the efficiency of nitrogenous fertilizer use
  • Minimizes the requirement of nitrogen in crop production and hence reduces the cost of fertilizer application
  • Improves the soil condition considerably and protects the soil during drought
  • Increases crop yield substantially

  • Neem Manure is available in 25 Kgs, 50 Kgs HDPE Bags. We can provide Neem Cake in any size packaging for bulk order

Tomato, Eggplant, Chilli, Okra, Blackgram, Chickpea, Green gram, French bean, Papaya, Betalvine, Tobacco, Davaua, Banil, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Rice, Banana, Potato, Spinach, Reddish, Wheat, Sugarcane and many more.

  • Very cost effective
  • Better yield than conventional Urea and Fertilizers
  • Rich source of NPK and other Micro Nutrients
  • Control Nematodes and other soil pests
  • Improve soil organic content
  • Can be used with other fertilizers/Urea simultaneously
  • Safe for earthworms

  • For cash crops such as turmeric, sugarcane, banana and cardamom, 200 kg per hectare of Neem cake is applied.
  • For black pepper and betel-vine 250 gm per plant is applied. Neem cake is also extensively used for citrus trees, jasmine, roses and vegetable crops as organic manure.
  • Neem cake mixed with soil on and around the roots of the plants, Vegetables, bushes and trees, will have a remarkable result in the improvement of the plant immunity.
  • Neem Cake can be applied safely in all cultures, fruit-bearing, garden products, Melon, cotton, tobacco, Vineyard and Flowers.
  • Plant Nutrition : Application to the Neem seed cake to crops provides them with various nutrients.
  • Mode of Action : Neem Cake is active in increasing the growth foliage, results in rich blossoming, strengthening the roots and improving the general appearance of fruits & vegetables.
  • It prevents and treats ailment disorders of plants due to lack or imbalance of Nutritious and trace elements.
  • It accelerates root development and overall plant growth and protects the plant from Nematodes and white ants.
  • It is a totally organic plant food, which increases productivity and soil fertility.
  • It has anti-fungal properties and highly suitable for application in Greenhouses.
  • Some Examples to show the effect of Neem Cake to various crops :
    • Orange : Controlling Citrus Nematodes.
    • Tomato : Controlling Tomato Seedling Nematodes.
    • Tobacco : Controlling Root Knot Nematodes.
    • Rice (with Urea) : Increasing N Uptake, slow release of Urea. Regulating rate of Nitrification of Urea.

Used For Crops Like
Used widely on fruits, vegetables, sugarcane, tea, coffee, paddy, aromatic plants, banana and spice plantations and in floriculture. It is ideal for crops like Rice, Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane, Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Coconut, Tea Gardens, Flower Plants and Golf Grounds etc.


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